Roadie Music Review: Rj Bacon Launches The Flawless Jazz Album “Shine A Light”

Rj Bacon is the great authorial project of Australian Russell Bacon, an artist who assumes his complexity by distilling various roles: musician, multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer, cameraman and writer. When it comes to sound, it sweeps away with a jazz loaded with minutiae, bringing those minimalist instrumental details that, when it comes to fusion aspects, gradually promote a festival of the most stealthy surprises with each track. Here at Roadie Music it has always been in the spotlight, our radar wouldn't pass unscathed to “8 Bar Crawl” , “Beyond the Perpendicular”“Low Ambition Day”and “ Roslyn Street ”, the previously released firecrackers!

Visit Roadie Music to read the full review. Listen to the new album from RJ Bacon, “Shine a Light”, streaming now on Apple Music and Spotify or buy on Bandcamp.

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