Find No Enemy Review: Rj Bacon – Roslyn Street | Lounge Out
“The fifth release in a series of jazz lounge records, ‘Roslyn Street’ is just another highlight in Rj Bacon’s impeccable catalogue.”
Indie Dock Music Blog Review: Rj Bacon – Roslyn Street
“Rj Bacon’s small studio in Sydney reflects in its records the aura of jazz and blues clubs, which is the best place for those thirsty for good live music.”
Roadie Music Review: Rj Bacon shows all his jazz refinement with Roslyn Street
“As great examples, we can cite Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, Thelonious Monk and many other great names from the world scene who presented us with true immortal classics.”
Phork Review and Interview: ‘Low Ambition Day’
Born out of late-night sessions during the lockdown, Low Ambition Day blossomed in serenity and tranquility– a secret celebration of personal freedom…
Indie Dock Music Blog reviews Low Ambition Day
It’s time to return to the home studio of musician Rj Bacon, based in Sydney. His jazz is incredibly light and expressive is what we’ve been looking for lately to listen to…
Roadie Music Interview: “Beyond the Perpendicular” and minimalism in jazz
Rj and Curitiba-based journalist Daniela Farah, talk minimalist jazz and chat about the album ‘Beyond the Perpendicular’ in this interview from Brazilian Blog, Roadie Music…
Rising Artists Blog Interview: “Beyond the Perpendicular” by RJ Bacon
My favorite thing with all of the tracks was turning a chord progression or a riff idea into the finished piece…
Pigeon_opinion Blogger: “8 Bar Crawl is where I want to start my day and have my breakfast!”
Modern piano keys start “8 Bar ” which quickly turns Into a bar jam via solid soft drums, gentle saxophone, bass and smooth guitar strings!
Prestigious London Music Blog Indie Dock Music reviews “Beyond the Perpendicular”
Indie Dock Music is a prestigious London Music Blog, who have written this nice little review of the album, Beyond the Perpendicular…

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